Not all people are born with the same opportunities. Some were born in a family where the parents work to provide their children with an education and to ensure that they never feel hungry.

Others were born in a family where crime and drugs play an important role in their lives. If we are raised in a family where crime is an issue, we are very likely to resort to crime in the future. I am grateful for having met people who are experiencing this reality, who didn´t have the opportunity to finish high school for different reasons (because they don´t believe that they are prepared to do it because they have to pick up paperboard, sell pens on the bus or do another kind job to help their family to have the daily bread). This allowed me to understand better their environment and the reasons behind those lifestyles.

The good news is that those situations are changing and the opportunities are levelling for everyone every single day, at least in the tech industry field. Thanks to the internet, technology, and the people interested in making a better society every day, it is easier nowadays to get a job or to set up your own business so you can live a quieter life.

to achieve this, we need a specific kind of education, what did not change with respect to past centuries is that “ knowledge is power” but there is something that has changed: that nowadays knowledge is not private. Attending university or school is not the only way to access this information. I think that we need only a computer, internet and passion to learn the skill that we wish to learn (programming, cooking, designing, marketing, mixing music, brickworking, etc.)

Besides, there exist now a large and increasing number of companies that, when they are interviewing a professional, do focus on the skill of the candidate and that the candidate actually knows how to carry out his job

University degrees and PhD´s are falling behind. They are important but not essential. Welcome to this world where being self-educated is the key.

Surely you are thinking: “If everything is easier now, why do I keep seeing people without jobs, a lot of crime, so many people caught up in drug abuse? This question allows me to show you the motivation behind writing this post. I think that many people are not seeing this change and they think that everything remains as it was centuries ago, when education was only for a few, when university was the only way to create your company or to obtain the job of your dream, among other things.

My intention with this post is to invite you to make this opportunity visible and share this vision with those people that have fewer opportunities than us: people that were born in an environment where it is very hard to grow, where it is hard to dream, where they are discriminated against for their appearance, for the place where they were born, for the family that they have, etc.

I invite you to devote a little of your time to teaching some skills to that person that nowadays is unemployed or has bad job. Invite him/her to your home or to any place and teach him/her how to program, to speak a new language, to cook, to mix music, to dance, to fix appliances, to do brickwork, anything you know how to do.

But the most important thing is that you should promote this vision, this new lifestyle: being a self-learner. Show them the future that they can envision following this path.

You will find different kinds of people. You may find some people that are disinterested in what you offer and other people that are really interested and whose lives can change only by opening up this opportunity to them.

Believe me when I say that the retribution of changing the life of another person just by offering them one more opportunity is amazing; it fills your heart with joy. I am grateful to you for the time that you have spent reading this publication. I want to read your opinion on the comments and your experience was if you put this into practice. With nothing else to say, I'll see you in other publications. A big hug.

Written by

Martin Coronel